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Principle analysis of inflatable shaft work

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Flatulence axis principle: inflatable shaft is a kind of special rolling, roll, is through the high-pressure inflatable rear surface ( a key ) can be raised shaft, deflated after the surface part ( a key ) quickly retracted the axis is called flatulence axis. Its name diversification, also called air shaft, axle shaft expansion, flatulence, inflatable, inflatable shaft, roller pressure roller shaft, flatulence.Although the number of flatulence axis name, but the same principle. Flatulence axis, inflatable sleeve is extremely easy to use, fast, only owned air, air pressure control in the range of 6-8kg/cm2, need to lock the external components ( such as paper tube round ), as long as the charging handle to the gas nozzle flatulence shaft inflation can completed, will highlight the key to external components ( such as paper tube round ), the need to relax the paper discharge, by hand press sliding gas core air nozzle is deflated, key will return to its original appearance, the external components ( such as paper tube circular ) can be taken out.Flatulence axis classification: inflatable shaft into the expansion key type inflatable shaft, plate type inflatable shaft, aluminum alloy flatulence axis, pneumatic nail axis.More knowledge about flatulence axis:

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