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  • How to improve the service life of flatulence axis

    Many customers are very concerned about how to improve the service life of flatulence axis problem, life here is speaking about flatulence axis: due t ...

    Source£ºRuian Feiyu Machine FactoryAddtime£º2013-3-15Hits£º6605

  • Aluminum guide roller structure and characteristics

    Aluminum guide rollers or aluminum alloy guide roll, is through the use of aluminum alloy material quality (6063-T5), the mold into a tube type (from ...

    Source£ºRuian Feiyu Machine FactoryAddtime£º2013-3-10Hits£º4119

  • Application of flatulence axis in coating machine.

    Flatulence axis technology knowledge: Application of the following talk about flatulence axis in coating machine: First understand ...

    Source£ºRuian Feiyu Machine FactoryAddtime£º2013-3-4Hits£º4036

  • What is the inflatable sleeve

    What is the inflatable sleeveInflatable sleeve ( also known as swelling link sets, the hand-free bearing ) is a keyless connection device, its princip ...

    Source£ºEVERBEST INDUSTRIALAddtime£º2012-11-29Hits£º3936

  • Differential slip shaft and ordinary flatulence axis difference

    General flatulence axis structure expansion tile is a through shaft a, no segment, so no slip function, Slitter more due to tension change material ch ...

    Source£ºEVERBEST INDUSTRIALAddtime£º2012-11-29Hits£º3846

  • Principle analysis of inflatable shaft work

    Flatulence axis principle: inflatable shaft is a kind of special rolling, roll, is through the high-pressure inflatable rear surface ( a key ) can be ...

    Source£ºEVERBEST INDUSTRIALAddtime£º2012-11-29Hits£º3522

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